Where Green Eggs Come From

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Our 480 hectare Green Eggs farm is located at Great Western near Ararat, just over 240 kms from Melbourne (as the chook flies) in the green rolling foothills of the Grampians.

On our farm, along with eggs, we produce wool, First-cross ewes and cattle for beef. Our business offers a simple, honest product that everyone loves – and our eggs are produced in the most ethical way. For us, freshness and quality are the most important things, along with the happiness and welfare of our hens and environmental sustainability.

Green Eggs are for people who share these values and want to supply the best products for homes and customer, while supporting regional Victorian food producers along the way.

Handle with Care

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Green Eggs are handled with care and for the utmost freshness and preservation the protective layer is not washed away from the shells. Green Eggs are delivered directly from our farm to you, providing unbeatable freshness; continuity of supply, less damage to eggs and direct contact with us, the producer.

Security Check

Both day and night the girls are guarded by professional bodyguards, so the hens that lay Green Eggs are always safe from harm. Specially bred Italian Maremma livestock dogs are on hand to protect the lovely ladies from chicken hawks, feral cats and foxes. So fond are the boys of all the chooks that from day one they refused to sleep in their kennels and bunked in with the hens instead.

The Stats

35,000 – truly free-range birds.
17,760 – dozen eggs are laid per week.
every day – Green Eggs are continually collected from 7am – 4pm.
12-16°C – is the optimum storage temperature in which collected eggs are immediately kept.
4 – deliveries per week to Melbourne.
1 – delivery per week locally.

Staff Profile – Ms. Plucky Feather

Plucky is one of Green Eggs’ beautiful russet coloured hens who loves nothing more than scratching around and looking for live food – grain is great but food that moves is much more fun! During daylight hours Plucky and her posse are free to roam, graze, dirt bath, forage, and rest under shady red gums, so she has plenty of time for hunting. The Greens provide sheds in compliance with industry standards – offering plenty of pasture to wander around, shade, shelter, feed, water and a deep litter floor of rice hulls. Plucky is a pretty happy chook – humane methods and environmentally sustainable farming practices are de rigeur on her patch, along with state of the art facilities and egg collection systems. Like all the birds, Plucky likes to stay outdoors all day and only returns inside to perch at night after dark.

Some other feathers in the green eggs cap

Green Eggs is chuffed to have been awarded a few gongs recently, showing that some hard work does pay off. Big thanks of course goes to the Green Eggs girls, without which these awards are simply meaningless.

  • Gold Medal- Vogue Entertaining and Travel Producer Awards
  • MCEI Marketer of the Year
  • Highly Commended – Vogue Entertaining and Travel Producer Awards
  • Champions of the Bush “Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award”
  • Powercor Grampians Pyrenees Business of the Year
  • Weekly Times Farm Business of the Year
  • National Landcare Award for Primary Production

Please Note:
The newsletter is written and published by Green Eggs. All views and opinions expressed are not those of the hens themselves. To be honest the hens are not that interested in contributing to this newsletter. They’re too busy free-ranging around, scratching out some good grub and sunning themselves in their lavish lifestyle. And we’re happy to leave them to it.